What is the Click Funnels One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a thirty-day challenge put together by the funnel software company that we all know and love, Click Funnels. You get video coaching every single day from Russel Brunson, Stephen J Larsen and Julie Stoian. These people have all built multimillion dollar businesses online, and now they’re coaching you for thirty days straight.

If you prefer watching videos, I've done a full review of the One Funnel Away Challenge on my YouTube channel.

How is the One Funnel Away Challenge Training Delivered?

The training is delivered inside a private community forum, not in the Clickfunnels Facebook group or anywhere else on social media. The community is called the Funnel Hacker Tribe and you can access all the daily training, worksheets and chat with other people doing the challenge. There’s also a great app for the Funnel Hacker Tribe that you can download on Android or iOS.

What Do I Get Every Day With the One Funnel Away Challenge?

Every day you get a strategy video from Russell Brunson, a live video with Stephen J Larsen and a video tutorial from Julie Stoian about implementing the steps you’ve learnt. On average you should set aside about 1-2 hours a day to cover all the content.  You also get an amazing box full of resources shipped to your home, which I will discuss later on in this article.

Do I Need to be a Click Funnels User to Take Part in the One Funnel Away Challenge?

Now one misconception is that the One Funnel Away Challenge is all about Click Funnels. It’s not. In fact, you don’t even need a Click Funnels account to start the challenge. A lot of the challenge focuses on creating, building and launching your online business in the next 30 days, which you can ultimately achieve using any funnel software.

What Topics Does the One Funnel Away Challenge Actually Cover?

The challenge actually goes for 5 weeks because you get a week of pre-training. Here’s a summary of all 5 weeks of the One Funnel Away Challenge.


The very first week of the challenge is based around your own beliefs and having the right mindset. Think of this as a warm up for the insane amount of training that you are going to receive!  

Week 1

The challenge officially kicks off in the second week, which is actually called Week 1! This week focuses on creating your offer, which you’ll learn is the real foundation to any business. If you are offering something great, then you have a pretty good chance of succeeding if you put your funnel together correctly. If you don’t have a great offer to begin with, then it’s going to be pretty hard for you to succeed.

Week 2

Once you hit Week 2, Russell and his team start teaching you how to create your story. You’ll also learn about something life changing called an epiphany bridge. By the end of week 2 you’ll have created a highly engaging and entertaining story to present to your audience so they are loyal customers, before you’ve even presented them with your offer!

Week 3

By this stage you will have created your hook, your offer and your story. Now its time to bring it all together and package it up in a funnel, ready to put in front of your audience! This is the week that you will start building out your funnel so you will need to start your free 14-day trial of Click Funnels.

Week 4 

It’s a roller coaster of emotion in week 4. Youre having the best time in the challenge but you also know it’s coming to an end soon! This entire week is spent learning how to “make it rain”. We learn how to drive traffic to your offer so the money can start rolling in.

What Bonuses Do I Get With The One Funnel Away Challenge?

Everyone always wants more! Like the massive 5 weeks worth of content isn’t enough! Luckily for you, there are heaps of bonuses.

Firstly, you get an amazing box of resources sent to you by Click Funnels.

  • A hard copy of the 30days.com book (543 pages)
  • MP3 player loaded with content
  • Physical workbook for the challenge
  • Access to the "30-day Interviews"
  • Behinds the scenes interviews with Two Comma Club winners
OFA Challenge Kit

But wait, there's more!

On top of the bonuses mentioned above, I am personally giving you a heap of bonuses too!

  • 26 Winning Funnel Templates including my OFA funnel
  • Facebook Ad Swipe Vault
  • The Tier 5 Software Suite
  • Massive 40 Resource Bonus Vault
  • Free Click Funnels Funnel Builder Course
  • My Affiliate Power Business Bundle white label rights

How Can I Get the One Funnel Away Challenge for Free?

To do the One Funnel Away Challenge you need to pay $100, there’s no avoiding that, but by leveraging the power of the bonuses I am giving away you can earn some huge affiliate commissions by promoting the challenge to your own network. Click Funnels are being super generous with their affiliate program as per usual because you actually get to keep the entire $100 when you refer someone to the One Funnel Away Challenge! How cool is that!? This also means you can actually start earning money through affiliate commissions before you even start the challenge!

For me it’s a no brainer, but please give me a shout out below or on Facebook if you want to chat or if you have any other questions. I hope to see some of you in the challenge starting again soon.

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