Top 8 Tools to Use and Promote in Your Affiliate Marketing Business

If you're into affiliate marketing, or have ever looked into it, then you'll know that there is a sh*t tonne of options when it comes to software and tools to both use and promote. In an effort to combat shiny object syndrome and help me focus, I started making a list of essential tools I need for my affiliate marketing business. I ended up with 8 essential tools. Then I decided to create a video for my YouTube channel and a blog article, so here we are!

If you'd prefer to watch the video, check it out below.

This is list by no means in any particular order, but I will start with one of the more popular tools that affiliate marketers use, Clickfunnels.


What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a funnel building software created by two Idaho entrepreneurs Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson. Since their modest launch in 2014,  the company now boasts over 71,000 customers located in 160 countries. Many of which have joined the coveted Two Comma Club.

How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost?

With the exception of the $19 share funnel plan which isn't readily available to the public, Clickfunnels starts at $97 per month. The next step up from the basic plan is the Etison Suite which will set you back $297 per month. Obviously with this price increase comes a lot of extra features.
Clickfunnels also offers a range of supplementary products such as Funnel Builder Secrets, Funnel Scripts, Funnel University and the One Funnel Away Challenge.

How Much Does Clickfunnels Pay Affiliates?

Clickfunnels is definitely near the top of the list of high paying affiliate programs! They currently offer 40% monthly recurring commission on all products, or a one-time 40% commission on single payment products.

Clickfunnels also have a Dream Car competition that rewards affiliates that have referred more than 100 active customers. Once you meet these requirements, you get an additional $500 per month on top of your regular affiliate commissions.

It's worth reading up on their "sticky cookie" when you get a moment too. It's an affiliate marketers best friend.


What is Kajabi?

Founded in 2010 and having helped its customers sell over $600 million of online courses, Kajabi is both often considered a great Clickfunnels alternative and a serious competitor. Being an all-in-one business platform, Kajabi offers the ability to create sales funnels (pipelines), landing pages and course or membership sites for which it is considered superior. Whilst Its main claim to fame is its sophisticated learning management system, it also includes fantastic CRM and email marketing features.

How Much Does Kajabi Cost?

Kajabi starts at $119 per month for its basic plan and increase to $159 and $319 per month for their growth and pro plans respectively. These prices are based on annual subscriptions so those opting to pay monthly will pay slightly more.  

How Much Does Kajabi Pay Affiliates?

Kajabi has a great affiliate program, offering 30% monthly recurring commissions. They also have a nice little reward program, with a dream car reward similar to Clickfunnels. The except here is that once you hit 50 active referred customers , Kajabi will pay you an additional $500 per month. Pretty sweet hey!

Thrive Themes

What is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is what I have used to build this blog you are currently reading! They offer a bunch of WordPress Themes in addition to their amazing suite of blog tools. They make it super easy to create stunning pages, blog posts, popups, quizzes, membership areas and more! 

How Much Does Thrive Themes Cost?

Thrive Themes has single and multiple (15) license options for one-off costs of $47 and $147 respectively. They also offer a monthly plan for $19 per month or $49 per month for agencies, paid annually.

How Much Do Thrive Themes Pay Affiliates?

Thrive Themes is another great high paying affiliate program with a 35% up-front commission in addition to 25% monthly recurring commissions.


What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the more popular and well-known web hosting providers. Having been around since 2003, they claim to host over 2 million websites and have over 750 staff members. 

How Much Does Bluehost Cost?

Bluehost offers a large array of web hosting solutions, but for their regular shared web hosting their plans start at $2.95 per month. They also have Plus and Choice Plus plans for $5.45 and a Pro plan for $13.95 per month. Plans must be paid in 12, 24 or 36 month terms.

How Much Does Bluehost Pay Affiliates?

Bluehost keeps it pretty simple. They pay a one-time commission of $65 for any paying customers that you refer to them.


What is ClickMagick?

Put simply, ClickMagick is an advanced link tracking tool used by many online marketers. They offer a huge amount of services which are all explained in their free 1-hour Track Magick training course.

How Much Does ClickMagick Cost?

ClickMagick offers a Starter plan for $12 per month, Standard for $33 and Pro for $66 per month. These are all paid annually. Monthly plans cost slightly more.

How Much Does ClickMagick Pay Affiliates?

ClickMagick pays 35% monthly recurring commission for any active referred customers. Straight forward and simple, just the way we like it.


What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a keyword research tool that has been around for years. They are so much more than just a keyword tool though, which is probably why they have over 3 million users. If you want some free education they offer an amazing Free SEMrush Academy and Certification Program. 

How Much Does SEMrush Cost?

SEMrush offers a 7-day trial and three paid plans costing $83, $166 and $333 per month respectively. Being annual costs, these prices are higher if customers opt to pay month-by-month.

How Much Does SEMrush Pay Affiliates?

Featuring on many high paying affiliate program lists I'm sure, SEMrush pays 40% monthly recurring commissions.


What is VidIQ?

VidIQ is my go-to tool when it comes to improving your YouTube video rankings and growing your channel. By providing a bunch of keyword research and analysis tools, VidIQ users really do have an edge over competitors.

How Much Does VidIQ Cost?

VidIQ has a great free plan which goes up to $7.50 per month for Pro features and $39 per month for their Boost plan.

How Much Does VidIQ Pay Affiliates?

VidIQ pays their affiliates 15-25% monthly recurring commissions depending on their current level. Affiliate levels are based on the amount of referred customers.


What is ManyChat?

ManyChat is one of the market leaders when it comes to Facebook Messenger Bots. There's not doubt that we've all engaged in a Facebook Messenger chat with a ManyChat bot at some stage.

How Much Does ManyChat Cost?

ManyChat is free to start. Paid plans start at $10 per month for up to 500 bot subscribers and go up to $145 per month for 25,000 subscribers. 

How Much Does ManyChat Pay Affiliates?

ManyChat offers 20% monthly recurring commissions however it is important to note that to be an affiliate, you must be on a paid plan yourself with a minimum of 50 bot subscribers.

Final Thoughts

As an affiliate marketer it's so important to use the right tools for the job, and use them well, but it can also become very overwhelming at times. It is important to sit down and overhaul your business from time to time. Work out where you are focussing your efforts and what tools you are using. Cut out what you don't need and you will save yourself some stress, and maybe even a little money too!

If you've had any experience with these tools or others ones not mentioned here, please let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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