Super Affiliate Intensive Review

It should come as no surprise that I’m here writing this review of yet another program by one of my favorite super-affiliates, Jacob Caris.

I’ve followed Jacob since the early days and thoroughly enjoyed the content in his Facebook community, his Dream Car Profits program and his Hyper Profitable Groups program.

I purchased Jacob’s flagship Super Affiliate Accelerator (SAA) before he launched the Super Affiliate Intensive (SAI) and even though SAI is much cheaper than SAA, I was pleasantly surprised with the great content it included.

I was so impressed that it would be a crime not to write this honest and detailed review on Jacob Caris’ Super Affiliate Intensive.

Super Affiliate Intensive Logo

Here’s what I’m going to be covering in this article:

What is the Super Affiliate Intensive?

The Super Affiliate Intensive (SAI) was created by Jacob Caris, with whom by now I’m sure you’re familiar with. Before creating the Super Affiliate Accelerator program and now SAI, Jacob was busy stacking awards like the ClickFunnels Dream Car and Legendary Marketer Platinum status ($100k+ in commissions).

I go into more detail about SAA and Jacob’s history in my Super Affiliate Accelerator review. He’s more than just a pretty face!
Jacob Caris Receiving Clickfunnels Dream Car Award

So, back to SAI. The Super Affiliate Intensive is a series of video training sessions broken down into 4 days of content. It was created to fill the need for those circling around the lower end of Jacob’s value ladder.

What does this mean exactly?

Jacob’s current flagship program SAA is now $2,500 and not everyone is willing or able to invest that much from the get-go, no matter how many great testimonials Jacob has for SAA.

It makes sense for Jacob to offer a lower-ticket entry point into his eco-system so people can get a taste for his training before ascending up to his high-ticket programs.

The content inside the Super Affiliate Intensive is actually insane value as it is pulled straight from the SAA curriculum and broken down into 4 easy-to-follow modules, plus 5 video interviews with some of Jacob’s top students.

There are also 3 bonus training videos in there and would you believe it, you even get a 1-1 implementation call with Jacob’s team! Honestly, I don’t know how long they will continue offering the call though because SAI has been a huge success and they must be run off their feet with calls right now.

Who is the Super Affiliate Intensive for?

With the current price of $100 to join SAI, it’s the perfect option for those that don’t quite have the funds to join SAA.

Aside from the price, the training inside SAI can be consumed and implemented a lot quicker than SAA.

Implementation is a crucial part of any affiliate marketer’s success. Most people invest in a program, get overwhelmed, and don’t even finish the program let alone implement what they’ve learned.

If you’re on a tight budget, just want to dip your toe into the affiliate marketing world or don’t have a huge amount of time right now, the Super Affiliate Intensive is the program for you.

What I like about the Super Affiliate Intensive

Best Thing #1: Price
I don’t normally look at price as a barrier when I join coaching programs, but the $100 price tag for SAI is a hard one to pass up because the value inside is immense, it should really be priced a lot higher.

Best Thing #2: Easy to follow and implement

Because it’s broken down into 4 days, you can structure your learning and take action almost immediately.

Best Thing #3: The 1-1 implementation call
 You’ll have a call with either Jacob or Jamie where they’ll help you put a custom plan in place to kickstart your affiliate marketing business.

Free Implementation Call with SAI

Things I don’t like about the Super Affiliate Intensive

Bad Thing #1: The $100 price tag
This might seem odd, but if I am referring people to a program then I want them to take it seriously and kick some goals. The problem with lower price points is that sometimes people don’t take the program seriously, whereas if they have invested thousands then they are more likely to take action.

Bad Thing #2: Video training length
Day 1’s training video is almost 2 hours long and the other 3 are 1.5 hours. They are packed with immense value, but personally, I prefer smaller modules. This may not be an issue for most, but I’ve just found that smaller training videos suit my learning style better.

Bad Thing #3: You can’t be an affiliate for SAI/SAA
Jacob has a rule that only members of the Super Affiliate Accelerator can be an affiliate for his products. This is to maintain the quality of his program, which makes sense, but it would be nice if SAI members could also promote it. Never-the-less, there’s plenty of other programs SAI members can promote until they join SAA.

What’s Inside the Super Affiliate Intensive

The core modules of SAI cover Jacob’s proprietary “MOCA” training. Each day covers one part of the MOCA blueprint which are the 4 core pillars of any successful online business.

But, what exactly is “MOCA”? I won’t go into detail for each point, but here’s what they stand for:

M= Mindset
O= Offer Creation
C= Conversion Strategies
A= Audience Building / Traffic

Super Affiliate Intensive Membership Area

Free MOCA Implementation Call
Once you have gone through the core MOCA training, you get a free 1-1 call with Jacob or his team. This is designed to help you create a custom plan for your online business and you’ll also get the opportunity to join SAA, if you are considered a suitable fit.

Facebook Group
All members of SAI get access to a private, members-only Facebook group. At the time of writing this, the group has 620 members and is a great community for you to contribute to and learn from.

Super Affiliate Intensive Facebook Group

MOCA Graduate Interviews
Almost 6 hours of case study interviews are included with SAI. These interviews are with some of Jacob’s top-performing SAA students Evan & Eugene Wong, Blake Fontana, Nhi Bui, Joshua Ong, and Aaron Szczotkewycz.

Super Affiliate Intensive Bonus Training

Just to add to the value-packed offering, you also get training on the following topics:

  • Super Affiliate Story Formula
  • How to Attract People With Money
  • How to Start, Grow & Monetize a Facebook Group with High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

7 Figure Closer Interview – Andy Benson
There’s some real gold in this interview. If you haven’t heard of him, Andy Benson was responsible for closing high-ticket events and coaching packages for Legendary Marketer. These packages were to the tune of $8k-$50k so it’s safe to say that Andy knows his stuff when it comes to high-ticket selling.

How much does the Super Affiliate Intensive Cost?

Initially, SAI was priced at $50 but it’s now $100. My opinion is that $100 is still too cheap, but hey if Jacob is happy with that then great!

Don’t be surprised if the price goes up again at some time in the future. The program has been wildly successful so far and I know Jacob prefers quality over quantity when it comes to his coaching programs.

Super Affiliate Intensive Pricing

Should I Get It?

There is no shortage of ways to make money online which can become overwhelming for those wondering how to start their online business. This is why most people don’t even start in the first place.

This is where the Super Affiliate Intensive proves to be an immensely valuable resource. You’ll learn the 4 core principles of having a successful online business, without feeling overwhelmed or overloaded with info. From there you can move on up to the Super Affiliate Accelerator when the timing is right.

The price tag also makes SAI accessible for a wider audience so when you start promoting it (after you upgrade to SAA), you’ll have your very own value ladder in place which means more commissions for you!

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and kickstart your online affiliate marketing business, the Super Affiliate Intensive is a great place to start.

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