Unbiased Review – Super Affiliate Accelerator by Jacob Caris

Today I am going to let you in on a little secret about earning money online with affiliate marketing, how it’s going to save you a lot of time and effort and why Jacob Caris’ new program, The Super Affiliate Accelerator, is the only course and mentor program you need.

I wish I could lay claim to this inside knowledge, but to be completely fair you should know that everything I learned about affiliate marketing came from an Australian dude named Jacob Caris and his flagship training program, The Super Affiliate Accelerator. That’s why I figured that I would give you a full product review along with some hidden gems to help you start your online business and quit that soul-destroying 9-5 job.

So enough with the anticipation and build-up, what’s the big secret that is going to make it easy, even for beginners, to start generating an income with affiliate marketing? Well there are two. The first one is to get a mentor. That’s right, stop learning from all the various YouTube gurus that promise you the world. Find one successful online marketer and model them. Do what they do, pretty easy right?

The second big secret when it comes to affiliate marketing is to focus on high ticket products. That means, look for products to promote that have big payouts rather than pathetic little $10 commissions! The best affiliate products to promote are always going to be the ones that pay you a high ticket commission, but they also need to be good quality and reputable.

Of course it’s not easy and everything takes work but if you read to the end of this honest and unbiased review, you will see why Jacob Caris’ Super Affiliate Accelerator is the best way for you to launch your affiliate marketing career the right way from day one!

What Is The Super Affiliate Accelerator (SAA)?

The first mistake people make when they want to learn online marketing is they buy a crappy course. The Super Affiliate Accelerator is by no means a course, it’s fully fledged training program that includes a Mastermind FB group, weekly live calls, accountability and most importantly mentorship from not only Jacob himself, but other seasoned affiliate marketing veterans within his private SAA Facebook group.

What Will I Learn in the SAA Training?

There are 12 core modules inside the private members area along with two bonus modules, all of which are pre-recorded so you can go through them at your own pace. Early on in the training materials, Jacob includes a “Fast Start Process” that is designed to get you up and running right away, rather than waiting to finish the entire video trainings before you start your affiliate marketing business.

The video training modules cover various topics that will help you choose the right product/s to promote, teach you the right mindset to have when building your online business, build your brand the right way and you even get some daily action lists to follow.

As I previously mentioned, there is more to SAA than simply a course however. You get access to the private Facebook Mastermind group which is a members only group. Every week Jacob goes live in the group to cover various topics and all of these calls are recorded so you can access them at any time.

Is SAA Suitable For Beginners?

The Super Affiliate Accelerator is suitable for both beginners and experienced affiliate marketers. Not everyone gets accepted into SAA because it is not a get rich quick scheme, overnight millionaire program or anything like those other scams floating around the internet. The Super Affiliate Accelerator is not a Scam, that’s for sure!

SAA is suitable for people that are serious about building a long-term, sustainable online affiliate marketing business. SAA also has some of the most highly regarded online marketers as paying members, including the likes of Nathan Lucas (the #1 Legendary Marketer Affiliate in the world) and Spencer Mecham (the #1 Clickfunnels Affiliate in the world).


Will SAA Teach Me How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money?

The Super Affiliate Accelerator focuses on organic marketing methods which of course doesn’t cost a cent, but one thing you do need to invest in is time an effort (and the initial investment to get into SAA, of course). This is probably the one area where people fail. They try for a few weeks and then give up. Jacob will teach you exactly how to not only start affiliate marketing with no money, but how to succeed without investing a cent into ads or other promotion methods. Just take a look at some of the results these SAA students are getting right now in 2020!


How Much SAA Does It Cost?

At the time of writing this review, there is a once-off investment of $1,497 to get into the mastermind as well as a generous split payment option of 3x$597. The order page for SAA boasts a total real-world value of over $18,000 but in my honest opinion, it is worth a heap more.


Does SAA Have It’s Own Affiliate Program?

Of course it does! The great thing is, it pays up to 50% commission so you can earn up to $750 per successful referral to the Super Affiliate Accelerator program. Not only does the SAA affiliate program pay great high ticket commissions, it is also run on a state-of-the-art affiliate platform that helps you track your links, leads, signups, commissions and more.

Only current members of SAA are allowed to be affiliates of the program too, so you have an exclusive opportunity over all the other affiliate marketers out there. Again, this speaks to the high calibre and quality training that The Super Affiliate Accelerator delivers.


Ok that all sounds pretty amazing, but….

Who is Jacob Caris?

…“and why should I trust him?” Great question! If you’re already active in the Affiliate Marketing, Clickfunnels or Legendary Marketer scene on Facebook then there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Jacob Caris. Whether or not you’re familiar with Jacob’s story and how he became a six-figure super-affiliate, allow me to give you a brief going to give you a blow-by-blow timeline of the man himself!


How Jacob Got His Start in Affiliate Marketing

Jacob Caris always dabbled online but didn’t get serious about online marketing until he was living in New York and working 60-80 hours a week in Corporate Finance, in around early 2017. It was at this time that he first discovered the legendary Russell Brunson’s Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp (ABC).

After completing the ABC Jacob found a $100 course called SEO Affiliate Domination by Greg Jeffries, another veteran of the game and also an SAA member!

How Long Did it Take Jacob Make His First Dollar Online?

Jacob earned his first $1,000 from affiliate marketing in around 50 days from starting the Affiliate Bootcamp. Pretty amazing considering this was done as a side hustle to his highly demanding corporate finance job. From there, Jacob went from strength to strength as you can see by the huge milestone achievements below.

  • August 2018 – Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner
  • May 2019 – $100k Earnings with the Knowledge Business Broker Mastermind Launch
  • May 2019 – 6-Figure Club Award Winner and Guest Speaker with Legendary Marketer

….and the rest is history!



As you can see from my unbiased and honest review, Jacob Caris’ Super Affiliate Accelerator is in my opinion the best course and mastermind program to help you get start with your online business in 2020. If you are serious about building a long-term brand that is sustainable and highly rewarding, then you should check out SAA for yourself.

Jacob also has a great free Facebook Group that you can join if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing in general.

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