Get More Youtube Subscribers With 10 Simple Methods

Youtube traffic is some of the most valuable traffic on the internet. People who come onto your website from Youtube are targeted, active, and ready to buy. However, one of the keys to generating a lot of Youtube traffic is having a large subscriber base. This article will outline 10 simple ways to get more Youtube subscribers.

If you implement these strategies over the next 30 days, you should see your subscriber count skyrocket and your channel grow.

Method #1 – Promote Your YouTube Channel On Your Other Media Outlets

One of the easiest ways to get more Youtube subscribers is to seed your channel from your other content channels. Organically growing a Youtube channel on Youtube alone is very hard work. So instead, take a shortcut and use people who already know, like, and trust you to get the ball rolling.

If you have a website that is already getting traffic, try to divert some of your visitors over to your Youtube channel. Mention your videos in your articles, link to them, and even go so far as to embed the actual video if you have an article and video on the same topic.

By doing this, you’ll be able to add some subscribers to your channel without competing with the highly established YouTubers in your niche. A back-door approach so to speak.

Even if you don’t already have a website, I’m sure you have a social media profile. Use your social media profile to seed your Youtube as well. Most social profiles will allow you to place a link in them. I have a link in my TikTok profile that is gaining about 30 subscribers a month passively.

I also know of a few people who link to Youtube in their Facebook profile and pickup subscribers that way.  As you contribute meaningful content to your niche consistently, people will hop over to your profile to see who you are.

If they like what they see there, they’ll make their way over to Youtube organically. Just make sure you have something in your profile that draws attention to the YouTube channel link.

As for the link itself, be sure to add “?sub_confirmation=1” at the end of your link. Not only will this take people to your Youtube Channel, but it will click the subscribe button for them.

Get More YouTube Subscribers

Method #2 – Keep Your Content Consistent & On Theme

To maximize your subscriber count, you need to make sure that all of your content has a consistent theme. If it doesn’t, and your channel is just targeting a bunch of random keywords, you may get a lot of video views but very few long term subscribers. Instead, keep all of your content focused on a narrow theme.

This will tell your channel visitors what they can expect by subscribing to you, and if they like what they see, they’re more than likely to hit the subscribe button.

Choose a narrow niche and stick to it. Take Spencer Mecham of Buildapreneur. He is large enough to be a general “make money online” channel, but instead, he focuses specifically on “affiliate marketing,” and even more specific than that, he focuses mostly on email marketing techniques. His viewers know exactly what to expect from future content and because of that, he’s grown to over 31k subscribers.

Method #3 – Complete Your Profile & Make A Trailer

If your channel is young, you must film a channel trailer and complete your profile. Since channel visitors don’t have a large body of content to make their subscription decision on, a channel trailer and cover art can help them make that decision.

A channel trailer is typically a short, 3 minutes or less, description of what your channel is about. It gives the viewer an idea of what to expect on your channel and tell them what your channel is all about. If you keep it concise, to the point, and entertaining, you’ll be sure to grab a few subscribers early on.

A good example of this is the channel trailer for the Minority Mindset channel:

In addition to the channel trailer, be sure to fill out your “About” section. You’re right, people will hardly read it but more importantly, the YouTube algorithm will read it. Be sure to add some keywords there so that when people are searching for content related to what you make, your videos will pop up.

But don’t just write for the algorithm and stuff keywords. Some actual humans will read it and make sure that it reads naturally for those people that do read your “about” section.

Your channel art is another place in your profile to draw attention. Besides being eye-catching, you can include things like your upload schedule and a call to action to increase your subscriber count. Nearly every single person who views your channel will see and read your channel art, so be sure to make it stands out.

There are a ton of people on Fiverr who will gladly do channel art for less than $20 so be sure to outsource this if you’re not comfortable doing the graphic design yourself.

Method #4 – Stick To The Schedule

YouTube subscribers are loyal, but they’re also hungry. They demand consistency and routine. If you’re planning on building a large subscriber base, you need to upload content regularly to satisfy their hunger for content.  If people land on your page and see that the last video was 6 weeks ago, they’ll probably keep scrolling and not give you a second thought.

Take a look at the comments section on any large YouTube channel. There are always a handful of comments that say something like, “I see that you uploaded, I watched” or “I ALWAYS like watching you on my lunch break.”

These comments will also have hundreds of likes as well. The subscribers to those channels have added their favorite Youtuber to their daily routine. Imagine what would happen if they didn’t get their weekly or daily piece of content to consume? This is why keeping a consistent content schedule is so important to growing a YouTube channel.

get more youtube traffic
The Comments Section On A VinWiki Video

Uploading 1 video per week is enough to keep subscribers happy so don’t worry about trying to go daily at first. If you start getting into the video creation habit though, start ramping up production as you see fit. Just don’t stress out that you’re not uploading every day.

Method #5 – Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails

At the end of each Youtube video, there are always about 2-4 suggested videos based on the ones you just liked. This is where a lot of new YouTubers get their early views from. But when you’re competing with 3 other videos for the click, how do you stand out? By having an eye-catching thumbnail. Usually, something with highly contrasting colors and a large, bold typeface explaining the benefit of watching will draw the most attention.

A Simple, But Effective Thumbnail Design

If you’re nervous or apprehensive about coming up with a good design, Canva has many free templates for you to use and customize for yourself. You can create an eye-catching thumbnail in about 15 minutes using their tools.

Method #6 – Optimize Your Titles For SEO

In addition to being a video hosting platform, YouTube is also one of the internet’s largest search engines. Because of this, you need to take into account SEO practices. This means filling your titles and descriptions with relevant keywords while still sounding conversational. Here are a couple of ways to find keywords to enter into your titles:

Keyword Tools

There are several free & paid keyword tools that will show you things like keyword search volume, keyword difficulty, and how optimized your channel is. I personally use Morning Fame for my keyword research, but a vast majority of YouTubers use TubeBuddy. Whatever you end up using, be sure to use it on every single video.

YouTube Search Bar

This method maybe a little bit less precise, but it’s also a well-known way to generate some pretty good results. Start by entering your main keyword into the YouTube search bar. Then, Youtube will autocomplete for a few key phrases based upon what people are searching for. If you want to get a little bit more precise using this method, try adding an “A” after the keyword to generate “A” phrases. Then add a “B,” then “C,” and so on. It takes time, but it will show you EXACTLY what people are searching for in your niche.

Method #7 – Organize Your Channel Into Playlists

A great way to encourage binge-watching, and as a result, subscribing to, your channel is by creating playlists. Take videos that complement each other and place them into their own separate playlist. This will keep users on your channel longer and as they keep watching, the likelihood of them subscribing goes up. This is why staying with a consistent theme is so important. It’s hard to stitch together a lot of videos if they’re all over the place.

Nathan’s Page on Freedom Influencer Is Organized

Another benefit of creating playlists is that it organizes your channel home page. You’re able to easily organize what a first time visitor sees and make it easy for them to find something they like. This again, makes the visitor more likely to subscribe to your channel if they can find a good batch of content that they like.

Method #8 – Just Ask Your Viewers

This is such a simple thing to do and many new YouTubers forget to do it, myself included. As marketers, we’re conditioned to ALWAYS include a call to action but it’s often overlooked in the course of filming a Youtube video. Encourage your viewers to hit the subscribe button by simply asking them to do so while filming.

Something within the first 2 minutes to the effect of “if you like what this video is about, consider subscribing” is all you need. You’ll be surprised at how much it affects your subscriber count, especially if a video ends up going viral.

Method #9 – Comment On Big Channel’s Videos

This method is a little hit or miss, but I have seen it drive a lot of subscribers to small channels when it does work. This method requires you to first subscribe to the largest channels within your niche. After you are subscribed, make sure to hit the bell so you’re notified as soon as new videos are released.

This way, when that creator releases a new video, you watch the video and leave a comment. That comment should have two parts. The first part is something positive and relevant to the video that was just released. The second part is something to draw people to your page. However, you can’t be obvious about it or the comment will get flagged as spam or removed.

Something like “[positive, relevant comment] In fact, I’ve enjoyed your videos so much, it’s inspired me to create my own youtube channel.” is enough. If your comment is early enough, it will be near the top of the comment section and thousands of people will read it.

A portion of those people will click on your name and be shown your main channel page. Assuming you’ve done everything right and followed the advice above, a large number of people who clicked onto your page will end up watching something and ultimately subscribing.

Comment found under a GaryVee Video

Method #10 – Track Analytics

The last method I recommend to get more Youtube subscribers is probably the most boring. Track your analytics on every video. Keep track of which videos have the highest watch time, which videos have the highest click-through rate in search, and which videos have the most comments. These videos are what your audience likes. After you have a list of your highest performing videos, try to figure out what they all have in common.

Once you’ve drawn that conclusion, start making more videos like that. Your audience will love it and YouTube will start pushing your videos further. When that happens, your subscriber count will start to grow exponentially.

Final Thoughts

Overall, getting more Youtube subscribers isn’t easy. It requires work. However, once you can grow a good subscriber base on YouTube, the channel will begin to feed itself and grow organically. However, to get to that point, you need to make a concerted effort to increase subscribers yourself because no one is going to do it for you.

Some methods require you to alter the way you record, while others require you to manually promote the videos you’ve already created.

Either way, by following these methods consistently, you should see steady subscriber growth on your own Youtube channel if you implement and keep consistent. Hope this helps.