Freedom Breakthrough Review: The Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate Blueprint

If you’ve been active in any of the popular affiliate marketing groups on Facebook recently, you may have noticed the success of Jonathan Montoya.

Jonathan is an affiliate marketer that has grown his affiliate business to over 6 figures in less than a year, and now he’s documented the entire process into his Freedom Breakthrough course.

I’m fortunate enough to be a student of Jonathan’s so I wanted to share with you my experience so far in this Freedom Breakthrough review.

So, Who Is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya Legendary Marketer Award

Prior to becoming a top affiliate marketer, Jonathan was just a regular guy with a college degree and a day job as an Engineer. He had a solid job paying about $80,000 per year but also had a child on the way.

Pretty soon, Jonathan discovered that the income he was earning simply wasn’t cutting it and he found himself with a negative balance in the bank. He sought out to find a side hustle and settled on affiliate marketing.

It only took 9 months before Jonathan used affiliate marketing to quit his 9-5 day job and pursue a full-time career as an online marketer.

Prior to launching Freedom Breakthrough, Jonathan was (and still is) crushing it with popular programs like Legendary Marketer, ClickBank, and the ClickFunnels affiliate program.

What is Freedom Breakthrough?

Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate Blueprint Academy

Jonathan breaks his course down into 12 modules where he dives into everything from choosing a niche, creating your website and funnels, setting up email marketing automation, and driving both paid and organic traffic from a variety of platforms.

In addition to the 12 core modules of Freedom Breakthrough, there’s also a handful of bonus training and interviews thrown into the mix. The number one Legendary Marketer of all time, Nathan Lucas, even teaches one of the modules on SEO.

Jonathan holds nothing back in this course. He literally hands you everything you need to succeed and make money online with affiliate marketing.

Who is Freedom Breakthrough for?

Jonathan teaches a variety of traffic methods such as SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok, and YouTube so both beginners and advanced affiliate marketers will benefit from Freedom Breakthrough.

If you’re just starting out and need help choosing your niche, Module 1 has 9 videos on just that topic alone.

On the flip side, you might already be making some affiliate sales in your current niche but want to scale up and drive traffic on a different platform. You can take your pick of platforms once inside Freedom Breakthrough because all the major ones have their own module.

What are the Best Parts About Freedom Breakthrough?

#1: All Bases Are Covered

The course doesn’t only focus on one particular method of generating affiliate sales, it covers a number of traffic methods.

Whilst you may not want to focus on ALL methods, you can pick one or two to master before scaling your business further.

Personally, I’ve always focussed my efforts on SEO and a little bit of Facebook organic marketing but If I ever want to dive into paid ads on Facebook or  Google the modules are there for me when I need them.

#2: Learn From Other Affiliate Marketing Experts

Jonathan pulls in some huge names in the space including Nathan Lucas of Freedom Influencer fame, ClickFunnels Dream Car winner Paul Mottley, online marketing expert Alex Branning, and super affiliate Joshua Ong.

You’ll hear from each of these heavy hitters in some of the training modules.

Super Affiliate Guest Trainers

#3: Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate Program

It’s always nice to be able to earn an income by promoting a product that you believe in. Jonathan has a great affiliate program paying 50% commission. He also includes a bunch of resources like graphics, email swipes, videos, and paid ad info for all his affiliates to use when promoting the program.

The Freedom Breakthrough affiliate program is closed, which means that only those who are part of the program can actually promote it. This is always a sign of a quality program as it stops the spammers from getting hold of it and promoting it purely for the sake of making a commission.

#4: Additional Learning Resources

Jonathan has gone above and beyond with the additional resources included with Freedom Breakthrough. Every module has a workbook included so you can recap and also test your knowledge on each module. This really helps with implementing what you’ve learned as well as retaining all the info you’ve just absorbed.

A Look Inside Freedom Breakthrough

The amount of content inside Freedom Breakthrough is simply too much to show in a single screenshot, so I’ve broken down all of the modules below.

Freedom Breakthrough Course

Module 0: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Jonathan gives a quick intro on how to get the most out of the course and also guides you through some of the industry lingo.

Module 1  Picking The Perfect Affiliate Niche

If you haven’t found the niche to build your affiliate marketing business in, this module is going to help you find some clarity. You’ll be able to work out whether or not a particular niche is going to be profitable for you, and Jonathan even breaks down some of the more popular affiliate programs out there.

Module 2 – Creating Your Affiliate Website Asset

Many courses just give you the theory but they lack the practical and technical content on how to actually build your assets. This module will help you build out your WordPress blog website from start to finish if this is a platform you wish to tackle.

Module 3 – Getting on The First Page of Google Featuring Nathan Lucas

One of the affiliate marketing greats and million-dollar earner Nathan Lucas steps in to teach you Google Search Engine Optimization in this module. You’ll need this module if you decide to build out a website as taught in Module 2.

Module 4 – The Perfect Affiliate Funnel (Creating Your Affiliate Machine)

Learn how Jonathan built his 6-figure business with sales funnels and steal his actual funnels to use in your own business. This module takes you through the entire funnel building process and teaches you how to use funnels for your affiliate marketing business.

Jonathan Montoya's Sales Funnels

Module 5 – Email Marketing Mastery – How to Follow up with your Customers On Autopilot

I’ve achieved massive success with email marketing so I really love that Jonathan has included this module in Freedom Breakthrough. You’ll learn all about building your email list and automating the process so you can make commissions on autopilot.

Module 6 – Free Traffic with Facebook

In this part of the program, Jonathan takes you through the process of optimizing your Facebook profile, creating engaging content, and growing a Facebook group.

A massive bonus is also included here when Joshua Ong steps into the mix to teach you about generating sales using Facebook organic marketing. Learn how he generated a massive income and managed to quit his job using only free traffic from Facebook.

Module 7 – The King Of Evergreen Traffic – Youtube SEO Mastery

If video is your thing, you’ll learn everything you need to know in this YouTube organic traffic module.

Module 8 – Free Traffic with TikTok

TikTok has certainly taken the world by storm this year and Jonathan has absolutely crushed it on this platform. Jonathan reveals some killer TikTok secrets in this module.

Jonathan Montoya TikTok

Module 9 – Paid Traffic with Google  & YouTube Ads

Module 9 could be an entire course on its own. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to run paid ads on Google or YouTube, there are 12 videos here to get you up to speed.

Module 10 – Paid Traffic With Tiktok Ads

Not only can you generate huge amounts of free traffic with TikTok just as Jonathan has, but you can also scale up even further with paid ads on the TikTok platform. Early adopters will love the 7 videos in this module.

Module 11 – Paid Ads With Facebook

Whilst it’s not as easy as it once was, Facebook Ads are still a valuable tool to have in your affiliate marketing business. Module 11 will take you through everything you need to know about running ads as an affiliate marketer on Facebook.

Bonus – Launch Jacking Mastery

You might be asking, what is launch jacking? Well, in a nutshell, it’s taking advantage of a new product launch by capitalizing on the buzz and driving some quick affiliate sales. There are many ways you can do this and Jonathan explores a few launch jacking methods in this bonus module.

Bonus – Featuring Alex Branning – Affiliate Offer Secrets (How to Structure the Perfect Affiliate Offer)

Alex Branning is a legend when it comes to online marketing. He recently won the Perfect Webinar affiliate competition with ClickFunnels so he is more than qualified to teach you how to structure your affiliate offer in this bonus Module.

Bonus – Featuring Paul Mottley – How To Win a Clickfunnels Dream Car

Not many people in the affiliate marketing space work harder than Paul Mottley. Paul won the ClickFunnels dream car and has done extremely well with a lot of other affiliate marketing programs. Learn some of Paul’s methods in this final bonus training.

Freedom Breakthrough Pricing

At the time of writing this review, Freedom Breakthrough costs $997. Jonathan is planning on increasing this price to $1,997 at some stage in the future so now is a great time to get into the program if you’re on the fence.

At the current price of $997, you also have the option of doing 2x$597 payments if you can’t quite rustle up the $997 all at once. Jonathan also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

No matter what you pay for Freedom Breakthrough, you’ll earn your investment back as an affiliate if you simply implement some of the stuff Jonathan teaches you.

However, Jonathan has also created a low-cost front-end product called the 3-Day Challenge.  it’s a great way to get acquainted with Jonathan and his style of teaching.  I definitely recommend joining the challenge first, then decide whether you want to upgrade to the full course after.

If this sounds interesting to you, join the 3-Day Freedom Breakthrough challenge here.