FG Funnels Review – Gorgeous or Nah?

So here you are, scouring the internet looking for different funnel software reviews, scratching your head wondering “what’s the difference”?.. 

…And you’ve either just stumbled upon this article by pure chance, or you’re specifically looking to get an inside look into the new FG Funnels platform recently launched by the creators of the Funnel Gorgeous movement, Julie Stoian & Cathy Olsen.

Well, we’ve reviewed just about all the big names in the funnel space but this one feels different. Not because it’s cheaper, has more features, or looks prettier (even though those things are great bonuses!). 

FG Funnels seems to go beyond what you’d normally expect from a software company, especially if you’re used to the whole ClickFunnels scene.

Let’s dive into this FG Funnels review and see what all the lovey-dovey hype is about 🙂

What Is FG Funnels?

FG Funnels Logo

Created by the Funnel Gorgeous team, FG Funnels is an amazing software tool that allows you to build sales funnels, create marketing automations, house online courses, and manage your entire business with its sophisticated CRM functionality.

As the FG Funnels creators put it, there is also a real mission and movement behind the software. A desire to package up great design, great offer strategy, and ethics into an affordable tool for online marketers.

Now you might be familiar with an enterprise-level platform called HighLevel, which is aimed mainly at agencies as an all-in-one solution, and FG Funnels is actually a private-label software built on the HighLevel platform. 

Who Are The Creators of FG Funnels?

You may know Julie Stoian from her days as VP of Marketing at ClickFunnels, or perhaps from the Create Your Laptop Lifestyle group on Facebook.

Cathy Olson and Julie Stoian

Julie is a marketing OG that’s been around for a long time, always providing honest, ethical, and valuable advice for fellow marketers and freelancers.

Her partner in crime Cathy Olson is a graphic maven and really puts the “gorgeous” into everything that Funnel Gorgeous is about. Her background in art and design is a perfect match for Julie’s offer creation prowess.

What Software Does FG Funnels Replace?

FG Funnels Replaces

Because FG Funnels is an “all-in-one” platform, you can cut ties with a lot of your current software subscriptions and save yourself some money.

Landing Page Builders

For starters, you can get rid of ClickFunnels, Kartra, or whatever funnel builder you’re currently using! The page builder inside FG Funnels is very similar to ClickFunnels but it is lightning fast and relatively bug-free. 

Video Hosting Platforms

If you’re paying for Vimeo or Wistia to host videos then you’re in for a treat. FG Funnels has its own video hosting which is rare amongst competitors.

Email Marketing Software

You might already be loving your current email marketing platform which is fine, but the one inside FG Funnels is surprisingly good and certainly worth trying if you really want to keep everything in one place.

Membership & Course Hosting

Whilst the membership areas inside FG Funnels are still relatively basic in comparison to something like Kajabi, you can host your own course on the platform without any trouble at all. Instead of using a platform like Teachable or Thinkific, you can simply load all your courses into FG Funnels and keep selling!

Calendar Scheduling Software

If you’re booking calls through a funnel or website and using something like Acuity Scheduler or Calendly, you’ll be pleased to know that FG Funnels has its own internal calendar system.

Sales CRM Software

Apart from being a funnel builder software, FG Funnels actually has full CRM software capabilities. This means you can track leads and nurture them all the way to a sale. It won’t be as sophisticated as something like SalesForce, but it will most definitely tick all the boxes if you’re a small to medium enterprise.


My Favorite FG Funnels Features 

I touched on the features briefly already, but I really wanted to highlight more of the awesome things you can do inside FG Funnels.

When you log in to your FG Funnels dashboard, you’ll see several key features at your fingertips, ready to deploy. 

FG Funnels Dashboard

Sales CRM Pipeline 

The CRM function of FG Funnels help you to track sales, opportunities, email & SMS conversations, and automated marketing campaigns. 

To help keep you on track, you can s such as add tasks to campaigns and assign them to staff members/sub-users.

You can also schedule appointments and bookings and sync with Google calendar.

Funnels & Websites

FG Funnels has a robust drag and drop page builder, very similar to ClickFunnels.  The page builder is super fast to use and actually blew me away. So much so that I’ve dedicated a whole section to it further along in this article!

Membership & Course Sites

Similar to Kajabi, you can combine products into an offer. It has a similar look and feel as Kajabi and native video hosting is included.

SMS & Email Marketing

You can send and receive both email and SMS from directly inside your dashboard. All conversations are recorded too so you can always go back to a particular client entry and review past communications.

To get the full potential out of these features you’ll need subscriptions to Twilio and Mailgun. Whilst not absolutely required, they are quite reasonably priced and well worth it.


As I just mentioned above,  any communication with your customers is kept as a record. This includes both SMS and Email so it’s all there at your fingertips under each contact record.

This makes your job easier if you are going back through old leads to try and drum up some more business, or even if you are handing over to a new employee to do some follow-up. 


If you’ve ever used Trello to keep your projects organized, you’ll love the pipeline feature inside FG Funnels. Pipelines help you track the movements of contacts/customers through a particular journey. Visually the pipeline looks like a Trello board but if you’re an organized person in general, or need help getting more organized, then the Pipelines will be a lifesaver for you!

Form Builder

Rather than just dropping form fields into your landing page, you have the ability to build your forms. They are very customizable and unlike ClickFunnels, the reporting is far more in-depth.

Survey Builder

Surveys funnels are a great way to generate good quality leads because you can take your potential customer through a sequence of tailored questions, based on their responses. Much like the Form Builder, the Survey Builder in FG Funnels is highly customizable and provides you with detailed reporting.  

Funnels and Websites

The first thing people ask when it comes to a new platform is “can FG Funnels replace ClickFunnels?” Considering that ClickFunnels is the category king when it comes to sales page builders, there’s no surprise that it has become the “yardstick”.

Whilst FG Funnels is so much more than just a page builder, I figured it would be worthwhile doing a deep dive into the Funnels & Websites section of the platform.

Because the platform has three sub-sections to the Funnels and Websites section, I’ve followed the same layout with my review of these sub-sections.

FG Funnels and Websites


When you first open the Funnels section, you’ll see all your current funnels right there in front of you. You can search for funnels, select an existing one to edit or you can clone them with one simple click.

Funnel List

If you decide to create a new funnel you won’t get prompted to choose what particular style funnel you want to create like you would in ClickFunnels. There isn’t a library of basic funnel templates available so your funnel will show as having “0 steps”. Once inside your funnel, you can add a step and it asks you to name it.

One cool thing here is how it asks for a ClickFunnels URL, allowing you to directly import an existing ClickFunnels page. Pretty cool huh?

Import ClickFunnels to FG Funnels

When you choose a step to edit, you’ll be presented with a very familiar-looking drag and drop editor. Some say they “copied” ClickFunnels, but many page builders bear similar features.

FG Funnels Drag And Drop Editor

If you’re familiar with how ClickFunnel’s funnel steps work, you’ll remember that you need to exit out of a particular page editor and then go into the next step of the funnel to edit it. FG Funnels has a convenient feature that allows you to toggle between pages without going back to the funnel steps page. This cool feature might seem small, but it’s a huge timesaver.

FG Funnels Editor Shortcuts


The websites section of FG Funnels is all laid out the same as the Funnels section in the dashboard, but it has a slightly different layout once inside one of your websites. The main difference being that all of your website pages are laid out as thumbnails, rather than in list order like a funnel would be.

FG Funnels Websites


Memberships inside FG Funnels are quite similar to Kajabi, if you’re familiar with that platform at all. Basically, memberships are based on Products and Offers.

FG Funnels Products and Offers

A product is the actual videos or course content, and the offer is where the price of your product is defined.

The course content editor is nicely laid out and easy to navigate. It’s much nicer than ClickFunnels but perhaps not quite as in-depth as something like Kajabi.  FG Funnels Course Editor


One thing I noticed with the FG Funnels page editor is that you can get away with using less CSS because there are lots of native options available in the editor.

Global sections are also a great time-saver, allowing you to create standard headers and footers so simply drop them into any page without having to recreate them.


FG Funnels Pricing

It would be pretty understandable if you assumed that FG Funnels would cost an absolute fortune, but traditional funnel software builders have sadly led us to believe that things need to be expensive.

Right now FG Funnels are only charging $119 per month which includes all the features mentioned, plus more, and they don’t cap you at a certain amount of funnels, domains, emails or anything like that.

Essentially you’d be paying at least $297 if you wanted to get all these features with HighLevel itself or a competing platform.

FG Funnels Pricing

FG Funnels Affiliate Program

Yep, Julie & Cathy have included a generous affiliate program for FG Funnels users. For anyone you refer to the platform, you’ll get rewarded with a 40% recurring commission for as long as they are a paying member.

Given their previous ties with ClickFunnels, Julie & Cathy are no doubt well aware of the power of affiliates when it comes to growing their platform. At the time of writing this article, there is good demand for FG Funnels but low competition in the affiliate world so if that is your motivation to become a user, the affiliate commissions are ripe for the picking right now!

Training & Support

In true Julie & Cathy style, they’ve over-delivered on the support side of things. To get you started, they have HEAPS of free training inside their teachable account. No doubt this will all be moved over to FG Funnels Membership area in due course

FG Funnels Support and Training

They also have a Facebook group full of very helpful users, which is probably going to be all you ever need for any sort of tech support.

FG Funnels Facebook Group

The Final Word on FG Funnels

If you came here looking for a ClickFunnels alternative then FG Funnels is definitely an option I would recommend. Or if you just wanted to find out more about this fledgling software then I hope I’ve answered some of your questions!

Even if you simply wanted a robust and reliable page builder the value of FG Funnels is worth it alone, but it really offers so much more than just a page builder. You can run your entire online business from this platform without having to plug in any other major software platforms.

If you need more convincing, I heard through the grapevine that Julie & Cathy snagged over 1,000 users on FG Funnels within their first launch period and the Facebook group would indicate that they are nearing 2,000 users at the time of writing this article! That right there is the power of building a following.

So to wrap up my FG Funnels review, I highly recommend it. If reliability is what you need then you can’t go wrong. If you’re frustrated with your current suite of tools and you want to switch over to an all-in-one builder then look no further than FG Funnels.

Peace out!