Review: Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Copywriting?

Hey Jarvis, can you write me a cool intro paragraph for my review?

Jarvis: “Hold my beer”...

The media has been buzzing lately with new artificial intelligence (AI) based bots and tools that are being launched on the market. 

These AI-based products promise to write blogs, ebooks, web pages, or even entire websites for you in just a few seconds flat without ever having to lift a finger! 

Some claim they can even do your work better than humans. But is it really possible? Can machines really replace copywriters within the next several years?

So there you have it, the intro above this line was written completely by Jarvis, the copywriting bot that lives inside

All I really had to do was enter my blog post title and click “generate”, pretty amazing huh?

Ok so let’s dive into the review so you can see what this artificial intelligence copywriter is all about. Review

What is

First and foremost, is the home of my new best friend Jarvis, the genius AI copywriter!

Jarvis helps you write high-converting copy for everything from Facebook and Google ad headlines, to Amazon product descriptions, YouTube video topic ideas, and even blog post outlines.

Keep reading to discover all the possibilities with this AI copywriting tool, it’s pretty awesome!

Who Created

A bunch of friends and tech veterans from Austin, Texas, are the geniuses behind 

Creators of

Having graduated from tech startup school Y Combinator, it’s safe to say that these guys are well and truly at the top of their game. You might also be familiar with their previous ventures such as Proof and Payfunnels.

Based on their laid-back and humorous “about us” sections, you can tell that the team at absolutely loves what they do. This is also evident by the way they interact with the members of their Facebook community on a daily basis.

Not only have they created revolutionary software, but they’ve also built a fantastic community of entrepreneurs with their FB group.     

What Can Actually Do?

Ok, let’s get down to the details and take a look inside the software to see what it actually does.

The different copywriting tasks that Jarvis can perform are called “templates” and at the time of writing this article, there are close to 40 templates, with new ones being released multiple times per week. Templates

The current copywriting templates are grouped into the following categories:

Marketing Frameworks Templates 

You can get Jarvis to spit out copy based on two traditional marketing frameworks, AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) and PAS (problem-agitate-solution).

Ecommerce Templates

If selling products is your thing, Jarvis can create compelling product descriptions and even Amazon-specific descriptions and feature lists.

Email Templates

Getting inspiration for what to write in your emails cant be challenging at times, which is why the persuasive bullet points and email subject line templates are an absolute god-send.

Website Templates

Jarvis is a smart cookie and he can churn out headlines and persuasive bullet points for your website copy.

Blog Templates

No, you cant click a button and generate an entire 2,000-word blog (yet!) but you can easily create blog post topic ideas, post outlines, and intro paragraphs as I demonstrated at the start of this article.

Ads Templates

If you’re more of a data person but still find yourself having to write ad copy, the Facebook & Google ad headline and primary text templates will be right up your alley.

YouTube Video Templates

There are 5 video templates to help you with topic ideas, script outlines, introductions, and video descriptions. These templates are designed with YouTube ranking factors in mind.

SEO Templates

Bloggers will be pleased to know that Jarvis can help you with various types of title and meta descriptions for your blog.

Other Cool Templates

Jarvis also has other cool abilities that fall into multiple categories. The most noteworthy are the subject expander, content improver, creative story, and personal or company bio templates.

You could seriously play with these templates for hours, but be mindful of chewing up your credits

How Does Work?

Jarvis deducts “credits” from your account based on the number of words he outputs for you. You’ll find more on the pricing plans further down in this article.

Let’s walk-through how you can actually generate some amazing copy inside of

For this example, I’m going to use the Product Description template. I’ll be using an example of software for Gym owners called “Pushpress”.

You literally only need to give Jarvis a very brief overview of your topic along with setting the tone that you want your copy written in.

The tone feature is cool because not only can you tell him to write in a “witty” or “grumpy” tone,  you can also put in the name of a celebrity or a character.

Ok so here is what I typed in… Product Description Demo

And here is the copy that Jarvis generated for me... Text Example

Pretty impressive right? The great thing is, you can just generate another piece of content if the first one isn’t quite right. Using the output selector you can also opt to generate multiple pieces of content at once.

That is essentially how all of the templates work. The best way to get the most out of the tool is to play around and follow the tutorials provided in the free training Academy that the creators have put together. Pricing has a special price right now of $29 per month, which will give you 20,000 credit. One credit equates to one word, so that’s a fairly large amount of content per month. Pricing

Pricing is all based on credits per month with the next plan up being $49 per month for 25,000 credit and then $99 per month for 75,000 credits.

The plans continue to jump all the way up to 500,000 credits per month which will set you back $599 a month. Very affordable if you’re running a content-heavy business. 


How Can Help Me?

Whether you’re a blogger, copywriter, or ad agency, is definitely a tool you want in your arsenal.

Whilst Jarvis isn’t a mind-reader and can’t deliver you thousands of words without any input from you, he really is a miracle worker.

  • Save Time (and money!)

The most obvious benefit here is the time saved. As I demonstrated in the example above, you can literally type in one sentence and get paragraphs in return, often without the need to even edit the copy. 

It is important to note that all of the content created by Jarvis is unique so it’s safe for you to use on your blog or website.

  •  Write In A Different Tone  

If you’re more technically inclined, you can easily jazz up your copy by having Jarvis re-write it in a “casual” or “funny” tone. The options here are endless.

  • Split Test Your Copy

We all know how important split testing is if you’re trying to drive conversions. Jarvis can generate an array of headline options for you to use.

  • Translate Multiple Languages

Yep, that’s right, Jarvis is a polyglot, so you can get your copy translated into various other languages with ease.

  • Get The Creative Juices Flowing

We all suffer from creative blocks from time to time so Jarvis is a great friend to have in those moments. Simply type in the topic you need to write about and see what ideas he can give you. Pro’s and Con’s

Before we wrap it up, let’s quickly summarise a little bit of the good and the bad when it comes to using Jarvis as your copywriting assistant.


  • Saves Time
  • Helps With Writers Block
  • The Ability to Change Tone
  • Multi-Language Translations
  • Awesome Community
  • Innovative, Forward-Thinking Company
  • Constant Updates & Bug Fixes
  • Customer First Culture
  • Affordable
  • Quality Content Output (It actually works!)


  • Takes a Little Bit Of Experimentation
  • Sometimes Jarvis Spits Out Nonsense (to be expected)

Breaking News: Just this week (March 2021), the creators of gave all users 10,000 free credits to make up for some very minor bugs in the software. Now that is what I call a great company!

Free Credits


Wrapping It Up

Unlike many other artificial intelligence copywriters on the market, seems to generate such human-like content that it’s actually hard to believe that it’s all written by Jarvis the AI bot!

Whilst I don’t think this tool will replace copywriters, it certainly will help them increase productivity, creativity, and the services they can offer to their clients.

On the flip side, if you’re not a copywriter or agency owner and you run your own business then the huge number of templates available can help you improve your copy and hopefully, your conversions too!

If you’re on the fence, is also offering a 7-day money-back guarantee so it really is a no-brainer. Give it a go and I guarantee, you’ll be hooked!