Clickfunnels Review: Insight From An ACTUAL Customer!

Looking for a Clickfunnels Review from an actual user?

Are you struggling to attract or convert sales leads?

ClickFunnels may offer a solution to improve your marketing efforts and increase your conversion rate.

Designed as a landing page builder and sales funnel creation service, ClickFunnels gives you all the tools you need for making money online.

Build pages and sales funnels, track your stats and set up complex autoresponders.

There are dozens of other web-based marketing services with similar tools as Click funnels so, before choosing this one, let’s take the time to explore its features, pros, and cons.

Before we get into our Clickfunnels Review, we will quickly go over the pros and cons.

What is ClickFunnels?

As with many software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing companies, ClickFunnels tries to provide a complete service with a wide range of features. At the heart of this service is the ability to create sales funnels.

If you are not familiar with funnels, the concept is simple. Sales funnels direct sales leads through the buying process, from awareness to purchase.

First-time visitors to a landing page are at the top of the funnel. They click on a link and become aware of your product or service. Most visitors leave at this point.

The ones that remain may subscribe to a mailing list to learn more about your product or service or to receive a free offer, such as a digital guide. You now have the email addresses of these leads.

With a sales funnel, you keep the potential buyer interested through an organized series of follow-up emails and offers.

ClickFunnels provides the tools to create a variety of different sales funnels including, but not limited to:

  • Two-step tripwire funnels
  • Video sales letter funnels
  • Launch funnels
  • Webinar funnels
  • Auto-webinar funnels
Large Choice of Clickfunnel Templates

Basically, you can create any type of sales funnel that you want, but what does ClickFunnels really provide? To help build your funnel, attract leads and manage contacts, you get the following features:

  • Funnel template blueprints
  • Visual drag and drop editor
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Subscriber management
  • Email marketing tools
  • Tracking and A/B split testing

Besides using this service to build your funnels and landing pages, you can develop webinars and membership sites. You essentially receive everything needed to start marketing and selling your products, webinars, or services online.

The available features depend on the plan that you choose. ClickFunnels comes in two different packages – the standard ClickFunnels plan and the Etison Suite plan.

The Etison Suite costs more, but it provides unlimited visitors, funnels, pages, domain names and contacts. You also unlock the power of Actionetics, which I'll review further on in this article.

As with many marketing services, ClickFunnels offers a two-week free trial. Users can test the features before committing to one of the plans.

How Does ClickFunnels Work?

Before getting into the details of the features included with ClickFunnels, you may benefit from a quick look at the steps that you use to build a sales funnel with this service:

  • Choose the type of funnel you want to create
  • Add and edit your landing pages
  • Add follow-up emails for capturing sales leads
  • Add products to your sales funnels
  • Set up A/B split testing
  • Make your funnel live

The process is quick and simple, yet it still offers enough flexibility for advanced users.

Before you make your funnel live, ClickFunnels presents you with a Launch Checklist. You can ensure that you have everything in place before publishing your pages.

You then put your payment gateway in test mode and complete a test purchase to ensure that your follow-up emails work properly.

ClickFunnels hosts the landing pages and sends the emails, eliminating the need to use other services for these parts of your funnel. You even get a domain name for a year. However, if you already have a hosting plan, email provider, or domain name, you can still use your existing services.

Now that you know the basic process for using ClickFunnels, dive into the details of each step.

Creating Funnels with ClickFunnels

The sales funnel blueprints are the main component of ClickFunnels and its top feature. You get 22 blueprints for different types of funnels divided into three primary categories. To learn more about the different funnel types, Clickfunnels has a free funnel cookbook that you can download.

  • Lead capture
  • Product Sales page
  • Events and Webinars
Different Types of Funnels in Clickfunnels

Some funnels are simple, such as the squeeze page funnel. It simply includes a landing page for collecting email addresses and an autoresponder email for thanking subscribers for signing up.

Even the more complicated sales funnels are easy to set up with ClickFunnels. You simply select the type of funnel you want to create and then select a template.

You get several free templates and a larger selection of paid templates for customizing your landing pages. These are found inside the Clickfunnels Marketplace where you can choose from a heap of free and paid funnel templates.

Building Pages with the Drag and Drop Editor

To edit the landing pages, you use a simple visual drag & drop page editor. The pages use a grid-like layout, and you can drag and move elements around the page.

Clickfunnels Drag and Drop Editor

You can edit elements online and do not require any coding experience. When you click on an element, the styling options appear in a sidebar. If you know CSS, you can add custom styling to fully edit each page to your liking.

Depending on the pricing plan that you choose, you get several extra features that you can use on your landing pages:

  • One-click upsells
  • Membership areas
  • Order forms
  • Affiliate programs
  • Facebook comments
  • Countdown timers
  • Progress bars
  • Pricing tables
  • Surveys
  • FAQ blocks
Clickfunnels Features

There are many elements to choose from, which allows you to build a landing page for any product or service. You even get templates for offering webinars.

Some people do not like the grid-like layout of the pages, but you have enough flexibility to include almost anything that you want. By adding custom CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, you have endless possibilities for the design of your landing pages.

Integrating a Payment Gateway 

After creating a sales funnel and landing pages, start adding products and choose a payment gateway. Integrations are a major part of any marketing service, and ClickFunnels includes quite a few payment integrations, including:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • InfusionSoft
  • Blue Snap
  • ClickBank
  • Easy Pay Direct

ClickFunnels includes a shopping cart, eliminating the need for a third-party eCommerce platform. However, if you already use Shopify, you can use the available integrations to easily add your Shopify products to your ClickFunnels sales funnels.

As with almost every feature on your ClickFunnels dashboard, adding products is easy. You simply click on the products tab, fill out the description, price, and payment gateway. ClickFunnels then automatically adds this information to your order forms.

If you plan to sell digital goods, such as downloadable guides, webinars, or online courses, ClickFunnels allows you to set up a membership site area.

After completing a purchase, the sales funnel directs customers to the membership area to access the digital content. Another option is to send customers to a thank-you page containing the digital download link.

If you intend to sell physical products, you can still enter your product information, but you will need to decide how to fulfill the orders. One of the easiest solutions is to integrate ClickFunnels with a fulfillment company, such as ShipStation.

After integrating ShipStation, adding products to your ClickFunnels order form becomes a lot simpler. However, you can still use any other method of handling the request, including shipping directly from your home and managing your own invoices.

Managing Your Subscribers with ClickFunnels

You only get basic features for managing your subscribers with ClickFunnels, unless you choose the Etison Suite.

The Etison Suite plan includes Actionetics, which offers options for list segmentation and various email marketing solutions.

Using Email Marketing to Nurture Leads

After setting up your funnels, ClickFunnels offers two methods for nurturing your leads through follow-up emails.

With the first method, you use the “Automation” tab to set up follow-up emails. This lets you create a short email sequence. For example, you may automatically send an email after a visitor subscribes to your list, signs up for a webinar, or completes a purchase.

The “Automation” tab appears in the landing page builder, making it easy to add the follow-up email. After clicking on the tab, you can select a new email, enter the subject line, and add a time delay.

You get a few different templates to choose from. After selecting the template and entering your message, the email is ready for use in your sales funnel.

The second method requires the more expensive ClickFunnels plan – the Etison Suite. With the higher-priced plan, you get an autoresponder series and other email marketing tools for a more detailed approach to converting leads.

With Actionetics, you can create dynamic emails based on the information that subscribers provide and the actions that they take inside your sales funnels. For example, you may send a different email depending on how the visitor reached your landing page or the options they select in your opt-in form.

Actionetics also lets you build smart lists. Smart lists include rules for setting specific conditions for follow-up emails or segmenting your lists.

After launching your sales funnel, Actionetics offers detailed stats. Quickly see who has opened your emails and what people have purchased.

Tracking Your Stats and Using A/B Split Testing

To monitor your results, ClickFunnels provides a dashboard for viewing your stats. You get more details when you have Actionetics. Otherwise, you get a visual chart of your current funnels.

With these stats, you can compare opt-in rates and see where your leads are coming from. You can also determine which funnels are providing the best results and how much you have earned.

A/B split testing remains one of the most useful ways for testing different things and seeing what your target customers respond to. You create two separate funnels with the same settings, other than one change that you make.

You can use A/B split testing to test two different headlines, videos, buttons, or entirely separate pages. As you track the stats, you can determine which version performs better. Using the information that you gather, you can slowly tweak your sales funnels and landing pages to boost conversion rates.

Integrating Other Services with ClickFunnels

Many marketing services offer integrations so that you can continue to use features from tools that you already depend on. Besides the payment gateways, you can integrate a variety of CRM and email marketing services.

For example, you may want to continue using your autoresponders and managing your email lists using ActiveCampaign, but you also want to create new sales funnels. To do this, you simply integrate the two.

ClickFunnels includes integrations for some of the most popular services, including:

  • Active Campaign
  • Aweber
  • Drip
  • Google
  • InfusionSoft
  • MailChimp
  • Ontraport
  • SalesForce
  • Shopify
  • Twilio
Clickfunnels Makes Integrations Easy

Integrating features using these services is easy. Click on the service from the list of integrations, and then follow the pop-up instructions.

Customer Support and Documentation

Customer support is available via an online ticket system. Support is typically available between 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. EST, so if you submit the ticket overnight you may not get a response until the morning.

Keep in mind that the customer support team only helps with technical issues. They cannot provide advice for using any of the features or improving your marketing campaign.

If you want help using any of the features, visit the online documentation that ClickFunnels provides. The documentation includes in-depth walkthroughs, tips, and suggestions for making the most out of your ClickFunnels account.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans 

ClickFunnels only offers two pricing plans – the standard plan and the Etison Suite. The standard plan costs $97 per month and gives you almost everything discussed.

Clickfunnels Pricing

What Does the ClickFunnels $97 Plan Include?

  • 20 funnels
  • 100 pages
  • 20,000 visitors per month
  • Unlimited contacts
  • 3 custom domains
  • A/B split testing
  • Email integrations
  • Sales funnels
  • Unlimited members

The standard plan limits some of the features, but you get more than enough for launching a new online marketing campaign. You can still create multiple campaigns with 20 funnels and 100 pages. 20,000 visitors per month is still a lot of traffic.

You also get unlimited contacts and members, while many other marketing services caps these features with their basic plans.

The Etison Suite costs $297 per month and includes two extra services – Actionetics and Backpack. While ClickFunnels calls these services, they really are just extra sets of features included with your account when you choose the more expensive plan.

What Is Actionetics?

If you choose the Etison Suite, you get these tools that provide additional marketing features, such as a visual email builder and an affiliate program.

Actionetics is a set of email marketing tools for increasing conversion rates and retention rates. You get an autoresponder with smart learning. You can set it to send emails based on location, social media, and other criteria.

With Actionetics, you get a visual email builder to create quality HTML-rich emails. You can also manage email lists, track opens and clicks, send broadcast emails, and use advanced segmentation for your subscriber lists.

What Is Backpack?

Backpack is a set of tools for setting up your own affiliate program. You get unlimited affiliates and can set up one-time payments, subscription plans, and manage the commissions that you pay out.

With Backpack, you can create an affiliate program within an hour. First, you decide what percentage you want to pay affiliates. You then set up your first commission plan.

After creating a commission plan, you can start defining different types of affiliates, such as regular affiliates, launch affiliates, and JV partners. This is useful for paying different types of affiliates different commissions or categorizing different promotions.

With the affiliate program setup, you can start adding it to any of your existing sales funnels with just two pages.

The first page provides a login for your affiliates, while the second page contains helpful tools for your affiliates to use to promote your products. Overall, this is one of the simplest ways to build a functional affiliate program and integrate it with your marketing campaigns.

Do You Need Actionetics or Backpack?

The Backpack tools are only helpful if you plan to set up an affiliate program, but Actionetics is incredibly useful for nurturing sales leads and improving your conversion rates.

Having the option to track opens and clicks and setting up complex autoresponders allows you to create a more effective email marketing strategy. For an extra $200 compared to the standard plan, you can get these features.

Advantages of ClickFunnels

With several other options that provide many of the same features, ClickFunnels stands out for offering these advantages:

  • Streamlined interface
  • Useful WordPress plugin
  • The templates are known to work
  • Large ClickFunnels community
  • All-in-one marketing solution
  • Awesome training and education

If you want to make money online, you need to run effective marketing campaigns, which typically means creating multiple landing pages. ClickFunnels simplifies this process.

Streamlined Interface 

The page builder and sales funnel creation process are the best features because they make it so easy to build your pages and setup funnels. If you wanted to rush through the process of setting up your first sales funnel, you could have everything up within a few hours.

Useful WordPress Plugin

If you have an existing WordPress site and want to integrate some of the features from ClickFunnels, you can use their official plugin. It takes some of the extra work out of including parts from your existing site in your sales funnels.

Effective Templates

Some people complain about the limited set of templates when generating your landing pages, but the team at ClickFunnels carefully chooses the features that you get. They use layouts and designs that are known to work.

Large ClickFunnels Community

ClickFunnels has a large community and devoted customer base. In fact, the people who love this product tend to over-promote it, as ClickFunnels also has an affiliate program with a large payout.

The official ClickFunnels Facebook group includes constant discussions and provides a way for new users to ask questions and get help. Besides the Facebook groups, you can find a lot of websites dedicated to ClickFunnels.

All-in-One Marketing Solution

A massive benefit of ClickFunnels is the overall suite of tools that you receive. With an all-in-one marketing solution, you don't need to bounce between a handful of different web-based services to manage your marketing efforts.

Training and Education

Clickfunnels also provide a world class education and training curriculum with both free and paid courses. They currently offer the Affiliate Bootcamp for free and a 30 day challenge called the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA) which will only set you back $100. I have reviewed the OFA in another article here if you want to read up about it.

ClickFunnels gives you everything needed for marketing products online under one roof.

Disadvantages of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels offers proven methods for generating sales, but it does have a few drawbacks:

  • Relatively expensive
  • Mediocre customer support
  • Lack of free templates and robust features
  • Confusing pricing options

Overall, these are not major disadvantages. While the plans are on the expensive end when compared to similar services, you get what you pay for.

Relatively Expensive

Some marketers may find the prices a bit steep, especially if you are new to online marketing and need an affordable service.

At $97 per month, a beginner marketer may have trouble justifying the cost of the standard plan. At $297 per month, the Etison suite is a significant investment. However, for established businesses or those ready to make money online, both plans are worth the cost.

Mediocre Customer Support

Some customers complain about customer support. You can receive fast help for technical issues, such as trouble logging in or upgrading your plan. If you want help understanding how to use specific features, the customer support team may not have an answer.

Luckily, thousands of entrepreneurs and marketers use ClickFunnels. You can typically find solutions to any problems that you have through a quick internet search. Some bloggers even create lengthy tutorials explaining how to maximize your earning potential with ClickFunnels.

The official Facebook group also provides access to a large online community of ClickFunnels users who can answer any questions you have.

Lack of Free Templates and Robust Features

Some customers are not happy with the lack of free templates. While you may not have a lot of templates to choose from, you get a streamlined builder. If you really do not like the selection of free templates, you can purchase one of the paid templates.

The ease of use and the ability to quickly add opt-in forms, order forms, and membership areas makes up for the limited features of the builder.

You may also notice a lack of features when managing subscribers or setting up autoresponders. As with the landing page builder, you get fewer options to help provide you with time-tested solutions. The options you get are known to work.

There are many examples of entrepreneurs that have built their online empires and made millions using ClickFunnels as their primary marketing tool.

Confusing Pricing options

The final drawback is the confusion surrounding the pricing options. You have two plans to choose from, but the marketing is awkward. With the standard plan, you get the basic set of ClickFunnels features. With the “Etison Suite,” you get ClickFunnels and two other services – Actionetics and Backpack.

Actionetics and Backpack are not technically extra features. They are additional services included with the ClickFunnels when you get the Etison Suite. It is an odd way to package the premium plan and confuses some customers.

Conclusion: Clickfunnels Review

Is ClickFunnels a scam? No, the company offers a real service that plenty of marketers have used to make millions. If you know what you are doing, it is an efficient system for creating sales funnels that convert.

You still need to take the time to research your demographics, understand your audience, and create effective sales copy.

So, who should use this service? The standard plan is best suited for those who want a well-rounded marketing solution and do not yet have any existing email marketing or sales funnel creation services.

You get everything needed to create a sales funnel marketing campaign. You even get a free domain name and hosting.

While ClickFunnels limits some of the standard features, you still get unlimited contacts, unlimited members, and up to 20,000 visitors per month.

You also get a limited number of blueprints for the sales funnels and templates for the landing pages, but the blueprints and templates are effective. These are proven methods for generating more sales and gaining subscribers. 

With the page builder, you can also tweak the design of each page to your liking. Despite the grid-like structure, you can easily move elements to different rows or columns, edit their appearance, and add images, video, and even pricing tables.

The Etison Suite provides a lot of extra features, but at a much steeper price. For an extra $200 per month, you get Actionetics and Backpack.

Actionetics gives you advanced email marketing tools, such as an autoresponder series and options for managing your email lists. If you already use ActiveCampaign or a CRM solution with autoresponders, you may not need Actionetics.

Backpack allows you to establish an affiliate program. If you want to create an affiliate program, Backpack is incredibly helpful. For everyone else, it is an extra set of tools that you may never use.

If you do not need autoresponders or an affiliate program, it is hard to justify the cost of the Etison Suite. However, the basic plan remains an effective, efficient solution for all types of marketers.

In the end, if you want to test it for yourself. ClickFunnels offers a free trial.

You get enough time to explore all the features and determine whether you want to spend at least $97 per month for them. With 20,000 visitors per month, it may be sufficient until you need to upgrade to the Etison suite.

Thanks for reading my Clickfunnels Review. If you still have any questions then leave a comment below!

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