FG Funnels Review – Gorgeous or Nah?

FG Funnels Review

So here you are, scouring the internet looking for different funnel software reviews, scratching your head wondering “what’s the difference”?..  …And you’ve either just stumbled upon this article by pure chance, or you’re specifically looking to get an inside look into the new FG Funnels platform recently launched by the creators of the Funnel Gorgeous movement, Julie Stoian & Cathy Olsen. Well, we’ve reviewed just about all the big names in the funnel space but this one feels different. Not because it’s cheaper, has more features, or looks prettier (even though those things are great bonuses!).  FG Funnels seems to go beyond what you’d normally expect from a software company, especially if you’re used to the whole ClickFunnels scene. Let’s dive into this FG Funnels review and see what all the lovey-dovey hype is about 🙂 What Is FG Funnels? Created by the Funnel Gorgeous team, FG Funnels is an amazing software tool that allows …

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GroovePages Review: Is It Worth The Investment?

It’s the ClickFunnels killer! It’s going to save you thousands a year! You’ll never need to pay for another software again! These are just some of the wild statements that have been flying around on social media amidst the launch of GrooveFunnels. But is it true? Is this the sales funnel software we’ve all been waiting for? Well today I am going answer these questions in this GroovePages review, which was the first major release of the GrooveFunnels suite of apps. So, What is GroovePages? The brainchild of digital marketing legend Mike Filsaime, ex-creator of Kartra and early mentor to Russell Brunson, GroovePages is part of the GrooveFunnels family which is actually an entire suite of 20 apps. Similar to the likes of ClickFunnels and Kartra, GroovePages is a drag-and-drop landing page builder that’s perfect for knocking together a quick sales page, opt-in page or full-blown sales funnel. GroovePages claims to be a far superior …

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Clickfunnels Review: Insight From An ACTUAL Customer!

Looking for a Clickfunnels Review from an actual user? Are you struggling to attract or convert sales leads? ClickFunnels may offer a solution to improve your marketing efforts and increase your conversion rate.Designed as a landing page builder and sales funnel creation service, ClickFunnels gives you all the tools you need for making money online.  Build pages and sales funnels, track your stats and set up complex autoresponders.There are dozens of other web-based marketing services with similar tools as Click funnels so, before choosing this one, let’s take the time to explore its features, pros, and cons. Before we get into our Clickfunnels Review, we will quickly go over the pros and cons. GET A FREE TRIAL NOW! What is ClickFunnels?As with many software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketing companies, ClickFunnels tries to provide a complete service with a wide range of features. At the heart of this service is the ability to create sales funnels. If you are not familiar …

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Clickfunnels vs Leadpages : Page Builder Review & Comparison

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages Review

Sales funnels and landing pages are essential to an effective online marketing campaign and there is certainly no shortage of software available on the market. The problem is, many marketers can suffer from overwhelm when it comes to choosing the right page building software to use for their online business. You’re not alone, it can be very confusing and frustrating comparing page builders! I’m an avid user of numerous landing page builders but the top two that come to mind are Click Funnels and Lead Pages. That’s why I’ve decided to do a detailed product review of Click Funnels vs Lead Pages to help you choose the best landing page builder for your business! (hopefully) It’s important to note that whilst Clickfunnels and Leadpages both share similarities in the functions they perform, they also have many unique differences. With Leadpages, you get a cloud-based application for setting up custom landing pages without any coding experience. ClickFunnels also provides a …

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