Email Marketing For Beginners: What Is Email Marketing & What Are The Steps?

What is email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business online. By capturing leads early and often, you can use effective email marketing techniques to convert those leads into well-paying, long-term customers. If you’re still wondering, “What is email marketing?” then stick around. This article will break email marketing down so that even a complete beginner can understand. With a proper email marketing campaign set up, you will be able to capture leads and make sales 24/7 with little effort. What Is Email Marketing? By definition, email marketing is the process of bringing your customers down the sales path by way of sending them emails. However, what specific emails you send them and how often they’re sent will determine your results. Email marketing is a highly effective strategy to implement and is one of the oldest forms of marketing on the internet. Email marketing is also one of the strategies that will …

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The 30 Most Important Email Marketing Statistics of 2020

Do you think that email marketing is dead in 2020? If so, you’re sadly mistaken. Email marketing is still the most powerful, highest ROI activity you can do in your business. This article will 30 or so key email marketing statistics that show why email marketing is still important in 2020. Email Usage Stats Email Usage Is At An All-Time High At first, it’s easy to say that email is dead in 2020 because social media messaging is so prevalent. However, this couldn’t be much further from the truth. 92% of all online adults use email, with 61% of adults using it every day. According to, there are 254 million email addresses in the United States alone. Not to mention the fact that there are nearly 105 billion emails sent each day and that number is expected to grow to 246 billion soon. Emails Are No Longer Social Communication Either 20 years ago, people …

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10 Simple Lead Magnet Ideas Anyone Can Create

10 Lead Magnet Ideas

Struggling to come up with lead magnet ideas? It’s no secret that as an influencer, your email list is arguably the biggest asset to your business. It’s the only thing you really own and the biggest insurance policy against your platform of choice getting shut down. But how do you grow a list quickly? By offering a killer lead magnet in exchange for email addresses. This article will give you 10 high-value lead magnet ideas.  Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and after reading this, you’ll have a better idea of what to offer to your audience. What Is a Lead Magnet? Before we begin, it’s important to define what a lead magnet is. Like I said above, a lead magnet is something offered to your audience in exchange for an email address. It’s often a digital file of some sort because they require very little in terms of fulfillment. But that still leaves …

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ActiveCampaign Pricing Review (2020)

Active Campaign Pricing Review

I often get asked which email marketing tool I use or recommend, to which I always answer “ActiveCampaign, of course”. This question is then almost always followed by “how much does ActiveCampaign cost?” This is why I decided to write and article about ActiveCampaign pricing. It’s an essential tool for my business and I am also proud to be an ActiveCampaign Affiliate. It’s important to note however that I only promote products that I use and believe in. I’m going to assume that you know what ActiveCampaign is and why it exists (to do amazing email things, right?). If you don’t already, you can check out all the amazing features here. This article will mainly focus on Active Campaign pricing and the features of each paid plan level.ActiveCampaign Pricing OverviewActiveCampaign’s pricing starts as low as $9 per month for its Lite plan, if you’re paying annually. Upwards from the Lite plan is the Plus plan …

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