FG Funnels Review – Gorgeous or Nah?

FG Funnels Review

So here you are, scouring the internet looking for different funnel software reviews, scratching your head wondering “what’s the difference”?..  …And you’ve either just stumbled upon this article by pure chance, or you’re specifically looking to get an inside look into the new FG Funnels platform recently launched by the creators of the Funnel Gorgeous movement, Julie Stoian & Cathy Olsen. Well, we’ve reviewed just about all the big names in the funnel space but this one feels different. Not because it’s cheaper, has more features, or looks prettier (even though those things are great bonuses!).  FG Funnels seems to go beyond what you’d normally expect from a software company, especially if you’re used to the whole ClickFunnels scene. Let’s dive into this FG Funnels review and see what all the lovey-dovey hype is about 🙂 What Is FG Funnels? Created by the Funnel Gorgeous team, FG Funnels is an amazing software tool that allows …

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Freedom Breakthrough Review: The Best Way to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Freedom Breakthrough

If you’ve been active in any of the popular affiliate marketing groups on Facebook recently, you may have noticed the success of Jonathan Montoya. Jonathan is an affiliate marketer that has grown his affiliate business to over 6 figures in less than a year, and now he’s documented the entire process into his Freedom Breakthrough course. I’m fortunate enough to be a student of Jonathan’s so I wanted to share with you my experience so far in this Freedom Breakthrough review. So, Who Is Jonathan Montoya? Prior to becoming a top affiliate marketer, Jonathan was just a regular guy with a college degree and a day job as an Engineer. He had a solid job paying about $80,000 per year but also had a child on the way. Pretty soon, Jonathan discovered that the income he was earning simply wasn’t cutting it and he found himself with a negative balance in the bank. He sought …

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Conversion.ai Review: Is Artificial Intelligence The Future Of Copywriting?

Hey Jarvis, can you write me a cool intro paragraph for my Conversion.ai review? Jarvis: “Hold my beer”…The media has been buzzing lately with new artificial intelligence (AI) based bots and tools that are being launched on the market.  These AI-based products promise to write blogs, ebooks, web pages, or even entire websites for you in just a few seconds flat without ever having to lift a finger!  Some claim they can even do your work better than humans. But is it really possible? Can machines really replace copywriters within the next several years?So there you have it, the intro above this line was written completely by Jarvis, the copywriting bot that lives inside Conversion.ai. All I really had to do was enter my blog post title and click “generate”, pretty amazing huh? Ok so let’s dive into the review so you can see what this artificial intelligence copywriter is all about.What is Conversion.ai?First and foremost, Conversion.ai is the home …

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Super Affiliate Intensive Review

It should come as no surprise that I’m here writing this review of yet another program by one of my favorite super-affiliates, Jacob Caris. I’ve followed Jacob since the early days and thoroughly enjoyed the content in his Facebook community, his Dream Car Profits program and his Hyper Profitable Groups program. I purchased Jacob’s flagship Super Affiliate Accelerator (SAA) before he launched the Super Affiliate Intensive (SAI) and even though SAI is much cheaper than SAA, I was pleasantly surprised with the great content it included. I was so impressed that it would be a crime not to write this honest and detailed review on Jacob Caris’ Super Affiliate Intensive. Here’s what I’m going to be covering in this article: What is the Super Affiliate Intensive? Who is the Super Affiliate Intensive for? What I like about the Super Affiliate Intensive Things I don’t like about the Super Affiliate Intensive What’s Inside the Super Affiliate …

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GroovePages Review: Is It Worth The Investment?

It’s the ClickFunnels killer! It’s going to save you thousands a year! You’ll never need to pay for another software again! These are just some of the wild statements that have been flying around on social media amidst the launch of GrooveFunnels. But is it true? Is this the sales funnel software we’ve all been waiting for? Well today I am going answer these questions in this GroovePages review, which was the first major release of the GrooveFunnels suite of apps. So, What is GroovePages? The brainchild of digital marketing legend Mike Filsaime, ex-creator of Kartra and early mentor to Russell Brunson, GroovePages is part of the GrooveFunnels family which is actually an entire suite of 20 apps. Similar to the likes of ClickFunnels and Kartra, GroovePages is a drag-and-drop landing page builder that’s perfect for knocking together a quick sales page, opt-in page or full-blown sales funnel. GroovePages claims to be a far superior …

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