ActiveCampaign Pricing Review (2020)

I often get asked which email marketing tool I use or recommend, to which I always answer "ActiveCampaign, of course". This question is then almost always followed by "how much does ActiveCampaign cost?" This is why I decided to write and article about ActiveCampaign pricing. It's an essential tool for my business and I am also proud to be an ActiveCampaign Affiliate. It's important to note however that I only promote products that I use and believe in.

I’m going to assume that you know what ActiveCampaign is and why it exists (to do amazing email things, right?). If you don’t already, you can check out all the amazing features here. This article will mainly focus on Active Campaign pricing and the features of each paid plan level.

ActiveCampaign Pricing Overview

ActiveCampaign’s pricing starts as low as $9 per month for its Lite plan, if you’re paying annually. Upwards from the Lite plan is the Plus plan at $49, Professional plan at $129 and Enterprise plan at $229 per month.

It’s important to note that these prices are based upon having up to 500 contacts and paying annually for your subscription. If you pay monthly or have more than 500 contacts, the price will be different. Check the ActiveCampaign website for specific info on this.

Does ActiveCampaign offer a Free Trial?

Yes you can! At the time of writing this article, ActiveCampaign are offering a free 14-day trial without the requirement of any credit card details. Bonus!

ActiveCampaign Pricing Plans

ActiveCampaign Pricing Table

Lite Plan

The value for money that the ActiveCampaign Lite plan offers is second to none. For only $9 per month you get unlimited sending, email marketing and newsletter sending and ActiveCampaign’s legendary marketing automation and autoresponders. With the Lite plan you have the ability to create three user accounts.

As with all ActiveCampaign plans you also get their intuitive drag and drop email designer, a plethora of free email templates, detailed reporting, GEO tracking and list segmenting.  

Plus Plan

It goes without saying that the Plus plan includes everything from the Lite plan, plus a heap more. The Plus plan jumps up another $40 per month from the Lite plan which might seem like a lot, but the added features are worth way more. The Plus plan sees the introduction of ActiveCampaign’s built-in CRM, sales automation and contact & lead scoring.

The number of user accounts for the Plus plan increases to 25 users and custom user permissions are introduced. Great if you have a larger team.

When you upgrade to the Plus plan, ActiveCampaign’s SMS functionality is unlocked. This includes their subscribe by SMS feature as well as the SMS sending feature. You’ll also get 5 inbox previews per month which is a great way to check the CSS of your email against major email clients.

Professional Plan

Even at $129 per month, the professional plan offers unbeatable value and will pay for itself in no time. One amazing feature that comes with the Professional plan is called site messages. In a nutshell, you can reach your contacts with a subtle but eye catching message on your website. Thats right, on your website! Not in their inbox. This feature is amazing for product launches or coupon codes.

The professional plan also delivers other advanced features such as attribution so you can track exactly where your leads are coming from, and predictive sending which allows emails to be sent at times that your contacts are most likely to engage. The Professional ActiveCampaign plan also bumps you up to 50 user accounts.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is obviously best suited to larger volume organizations yet still has an affordable price tag of $229 per month. The main features included in the Enterprise plan are much the same as the professional plan except you have the ability to create unlimited user accounts and unlimited inbox previews.  

The Enterprise plan really delivers most of its extra value with additional integrations and phenomenal support and training. Some of these features are included in the lower priced plans  however I have not gone into detail in this article.

Some of the standout features of ActiveCampaign's Enterprise plan are the phone support, in-depth on-boarding consultation, customized marketing and automation strategies and a dedicated account rep.

If you want to do a side-by-side comparison of the plans and features, ActiveCampaign has provided a great matrix that you can ​view here on their website.  

Final Opinion on ActiveCampaign Pricing

Active Campaign is far superior to any other email service provider that I have ever used. This is also why I love being and ActiveCampaign Affiliate. I only promote software that I use and believe in and I truly believe in ActiveCampaign, as do 70,000+ other users from around the world. I couldn't imagine being anything else other than a passionate ActiveCampaign user and ActiveCampaign Affiliate. 😀

If you're interested in giving ActiveCampaign a run, they offer a free 14-day trial which you can get here. Remember, they don't even require any credit card details so what have you got to lose?

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